Our goal

The primary goal of The Roar is to provide students with "real world" learning opportunities within the communication industry. 

Rather than discuss business, we make sales pitches.  Rather than write essays, we create a newspaper. Rather than take photos, we design a yearbook.

Students learn how to work in a team, how to design a for a client, and how to communicate to the masses while still maintaining their own personal integrity.

Advertising Opportunities

Part of our Real World approach to education is requiring students to make sale pitches to individuals and businesses.  Advertising opportunities are varied in nature and price (ranging from $10-500).

Our team of student graphic designers can work to create your advertisement, or they can adjust your existing advertisement to fit our publication.

For more information on advertising email Brandon@theroar.biz

The Roar gladly accepts donations and sponsors as well.

What we do

The Yearbook:
This year, The Roar is going to combine what was previously two yearbooks into one cohesive book that sells for $45.

The Newspaper:
The Roar produces a published newspaper every academic quarter.  Our newspaper, The Lion's Roar, is produced entirely by students with a senior and a freshman working together as the editors-in-chief.

The Video Yearbook:
Entirely new this year, we will be producing a video yearbook to be sold at the end of the year.  The video yearbook will contain clips from the school year, photos from the yearbook, and student spotlights not otherwise available.

Friday Webcasts:
Our version of the school announcements involves a 3-5 minute webcast shown to the entire school.  Businesses may also sponsor the Friday Webcast. 

Awards Video

End of year slideshow

End of year Slideshow